Überschlag Festival wins

"Pro Visio" cultural prize from the Cultural Region Foundation

In April 2023, we were awarded the prestigious Pro Visio Culture Prize by the Hanover Cultural Region Foundation for the very first edition of our festival. The award, which is endowed with 11,111 euros, has been presented annually since 2001 and supports the work of visionary art projects in the region.

At the award ceremony in the Künstlerhaus, laudator and jury member Angela Kriesel emphasized the wide range of the festival programme, which brought together very different styles of music as well as amateurs and top musicians. "It was like a family celebration, but with world stars," said Kriesel. She continued: "The fact that the festival is to be held regularly in Hanover from now on is a great opportunity for our city!"  

The award is a great honor for us! It was an incentive to put together a new edition in 2024 that does justice to this award and shows that the Überschlag Festival has become an integral part of the city!