Eisfabrik, Seilerstraße 15F, 30171 Hannover

The Eisfabrik is a centre for the arts - theatre, dance, music, visual arts and photography. The former clearglass factory is located in the centre of Hanover's Südstadt district. Today itis a performance and presentation centre and a living and working space for awide variety of artists and international guests. This unique location is idealfor the performance of "Himmels-Tür" by Stuart Gerber.

Getting there:

The Eisfabrik is located in Hanover's Südstadt district. We recommend travelling by public transport or bicycle.

Final stop: "Schlägerstraße":
Tram Lines: 1,2 and 8

Final stop: "Marienstraße":
Tram Lines: 4,5 and 6

Final stop "Stolzestraße":
Bus line: 121


The Eisfabrik is largely barrier-free. The inner courtyard has a cobblestone surface. Barrier-free toilets are available.