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Vivi Vassileva & Lucas Campara-Diniz - Strings & Vibes Unite



6:00 pm


7:00 pm


Pavillon - main hall

The star percussionist in an intimate duo evening for vibraphone and guitar between Latin American sounds and new compositions.

She is without doubt the legitimate successor to percussion superstar Martin Grubinger. After Vivi Vassileva was ecstatically celebrated on the big stage at the last Überschlag Festival with her Extasi Ensemble, she is once again doing us the honour. However, this time she will be performing intimately on the vibraphone with her partner, the Brazilian guitarist Lucas Campara Diniz, focusing mainly on South American music. In addition to Lucas' own arrangements for this unusual instrumentation, the two will play a newly commissioned work by Israeli composer Avner Dorman. Vivi's now legendary plastic bottle cadenza, composed by Gregor A. Mayrhofer, is of course not to be missed!


Vivi Vassileva Vibraphone and Multi-Percussion
Lucas Campara Diniz Guitar