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Field of Vision - European premiere



2:00 pm


3:00 pm


Opera square - Open Air

A walk-in open-air sound performance by 36 percussionists with the most unusual instruments.

Field of vision, composed by Michael Gordon, is a 60-minute open air work for 36 percussionists. Premiered in the summer of 2022 at Caramoor's Sunken Garden in New York, we are bringing the European premiere of this mammoth work to Hannover!

Our camp participants and percussionists from the city will fill the newly-remodelled Weißekreuzplatz with a wide variety of self-built instruments made of recycled metal and wood.

Just come by! You can move between the musicians and experience the music with all your senses - open your eyes, ears and minds!


36 percussionists

Philipp Kohnke musical director

With the kind support of LUNASON - Instruments of our Time