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Drummers Morning - Christin Neddens / Benny Greb



9:30 am


1:00 pm


Pavillon - theatre stage 1

With Christin Neddens and Benny Greb, the Überschlag Festival is bringing two world stars on the drums to Hanover. Throughout the morning, Christin and then Benny will give you insights, perform and answer all your questions!

Christin Neddens, who began her studies in Hanover, is now travelling the world as a drummer: Nils Landgren, Helge Schneider, Rea Garvey and Silbermond are just some of the artists she works with.
Her clinics are now also very popular, both offline and online. She has 125,000 followers on Instagram, making her one of the most influential German drummers digitally.

Benny Greb is a legend. Wherever he performs, he attracts rhythm enthusiasts from all over the world. He regularly causes a sensation, especially with his brass band, with whom he can be experienced at our Opening Night. His big band videos go viral online, as evidenced by his 447,000 Instagram followers. Benny's great passion for teaching is particularly noteworthy: he developed his own teaching system, which he successfully passes on online and in his famous drum camps. He has been named Clinician of the Year by Drum Magazine for three consecutive years.