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Bundesbeat & Landesgroove



3:00 pm


5:30 pm


Pavillon - main hall

Interesting and unusual compositions for percussion played by young percussionists from Lower Saxony and all over Germany.

The bundesbeat ensemble was founded 13 years ago under the direction of Johannes Fischer, Professor of Percussion at the Lübeck University of Music. The aim was to promote the next generation of top percussionists. After bundesbeat successfully realised projects for young percussionists for several years, the ensemble's work was put on hold in 2014. Ten years later, we are now experiencing a revival at the Überschlag Festival. Thanks to Percussion Creativ e. V. as the sponsor of bundesbeat, the most promising young percussionists from all over Germany will once again come together to develop a programme and perform it at our festival! In the first half of the concert, Landesgroove presents the percussion classes of music schools from all over Lower Saxony - here even the youngest get the big stage!


bundesbeat 10 young percussionists from all over Germany Prof. Lukas Böhm musical director
Landesgroove percussion classes from various music schools in Lower Saxony